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Faddy Magazine


Designer Michelle Verhoeven
Photographer Elya Keran
make up/hair Brigitta Danay

Bono van Peursem


Catwalk show for Bono van Peursem at Fashionweek Paris

Veronika Konvickova

Fashion photoshoot / Art Direction

Art direction for the collection ‘wanderlust’. That is inspired by feeling connected with nature.

Residence Magazine


For Photographer Peggy Janssen I have been modeling for this editorial publication that is about styling & simplicity.

For Royal Kiss


For this collaboration, I have been modeling for Royal Kiss : ‘Together we perform as one’. 

For Roxanne van Gulik

art director, casting & photography

Art direction for her collection video Truth. In collaboration with Mix Models Amsterdam.


catwalk photography

At the Mona Bismarck Art center in Paris,  near the Eiffeltower and the Seine, I have been making catwalk photo’s for FDI Germany. An haute couture school who’s students every year graduate with their collection in Paris on fashion week Paris.

Tos Gallery


Tos Gallery Amsterdam stands for sustainability, stories & dreaming of mystery. She makes hand-painted silk scarves. For this collaboration, I have been modeling for her designs.